Next Edition Will Make A Dynamic Change with New Concepts!

FASHION WORLD TOKYO consists of 8 specialised shows

Specialised in INTERNATIONAL (Non- Japanese) fashion brands of all kinds of items from all over the world.

Specialised in JAPANESE fashion apparel, bag, shoes, fashion jewelleris and materials .

Specialised in all kinds of textiles/fabrics and materials for fashion items.

Japan's leading trade show gathering fashion items for OEM/ODM.

The specialised show where items and materials focused on "sustainability" such as Ethical, Recycle, Eco-Friendly are showcased.

【Newly Launching 2023 Oct.】
Specialised in Wellness Fashion such as Health, Beauty, Athleisure & Sports, Smart Clothing,
Highly Functional Clothing/Materials, etc.

Japan's first specialised show for service and solution, which focused on IT and Digital Transformation for fashion industry.

Asia's leading optical trade fair showcasing TOP International and Japanese eyewear brands!