Japan Eyewear Award

Winning Products of
27th Japan Eyewear Award 2024

 Design Category


  • Brand / isoTope
  • Product / IS-528 col2
  • Feature / Double bridge frames with inner rims in an impressive gradation of Havana and Blue Sasa patterns. The overall silhouette of the frames is also refined, creating an atmosphere that makes the frames seem even more fashionable.

  • Review / It is striking that the balance of the design of the two bridges is achieved without being too subtractive, which tends to have a strong idiosyncrasy. This also gives us the feeling that the product is easy to wear. The combination of inner fabrics are not conservative classic colours, which was also highly appreciated.
  • Booth No. / A1-6


  • Brand / LAFONT
  • Product / LAFONT  NEXT 1075
  • Feature / Thomas Lafont's design is inspired by the form of contemporary cubist artist Laurent Folco. The cut accents on the sides add a touch of subtle casualness to the design.

  • Review / The design creates a gentle expression regardless of gender or age, no matter who wears the glasses. The general trend in product development is to add to the design, but it is commendable that the company has dared to subtract to achieve novelty and functionality.
  • Booth No. / A1-14


  • Brand / TURNING
  • Product / T-197
  • Feature / The Thurmont style eyewear creates a classical atmosphere while adding a sharp and intelligent impression, perfect for business scenes.  The plate spring type joint core is extremely comfortable.

  • Review / An easy-to-wear design in the Sir Mont style. The metal pattern engraved on the temple core metal subtly peeps out and the use of fabric that changes colour with the light creates a sophisticated look.
  • Booth No. / A5-17

tonysame japan Co., Ltd. 

  • Brand / tonysame:
  • Product / TS-127-051
  • Feature / Based on the concept of 【daily wear】, this is a new model in the New Wave series. The plastic inner rim expresses a distinctive frame. It features unique parts with attention to detail.

  • Review / These beautiful frames have a delicate appearance, but the Ghana plastic inner rim stands out. It's also great to see that the company is bringing sophisticated, detailled design to the market at a reasonable price.
  • Booth No. / A1-24


  • Brand / DETAIL GRAM quadro
  • Product / DG0015 DGL 51
  • Feature / A flip-up model of casual eyewear. It has hinges that are not visible from the front. It also has a groove finish. In addition, the bridge has a two-colour coating. This makes it look like a flip-up and the beta-titanium makes it comfortable to wear. These features distinguish it from existing models.

  • Review / Flip-up models are becoming fashionable as their functionality is re-evaluated. The design is well integrated into a fashionable flip-up design that suits contemporary tastes. It is comfortable and lightweight.
  • Booth No. / A2-36

Technology Category

uchida plastic Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / GLASSICK Junior
  • Product / GJ-001
  • Feature / Ultra-lightweight children's glasses made in Sabae from PPSU Radel, the same material used in aircraft. It has a 4-step nose height adjustment and a 9-step temple length adjustment to precisely fit the optical centre. Unique modern shape that does not move even during exercise and is as comfortable as wearing them bare face.

  • Review / As well as being ultra-light for a child's spectacles, the nose height can be adjusted in 4 steps and the temple length in 9 steps to ensure comfort and a precise fit that does not shift during movement. The fact that it can be adjusted as they grow is also highly commenda
  • Booth No. / A5-38

EYETEC Co., Ltd.

  • Product / SPE-8399 col.1
  • Feature / Self-repairing paint is used for the surface finish. The coating has a magical surface finish with an elasticity that allows light scratches to repair themselves and return to their original state simply by being left alone. This sustainable product is designed to last.

  • Review / A self-repairing coating is applied to the surface of the highly durable high performance resin material. The product has been evaluated for its ability to be in use for an extended period of time while maintaining its beautiful condition.
  • Booth No. / A5-6


  • Product / DUN-LC019 GR-5
  • Feature / The surface of the carbon temple has a hollow three-dimensional structure with a bold spoon cut on a beautifully curved surface. The precise triangular window machining in place, while maintaining the hollow structure, is a shape made possible by the experience and precision machining technology cultivated over many years of carbon moulding.

  • Review / The carbon temples are the focus of advanced technology.  Despite the hardness of the material, bold cuts and triangular windows are applied, resulting in a very unique design.  Each process is elaborate and beautifully finished, demonstrating the refinement of technology through years of effort.
  • Booth No. / A3-24

WicueDirect Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / Wicue
  • Product / Instant dimming sunglasses
  • Feature / Prescription sunglasses with Wicue CCS exclusive patented technology.  Instant change of light in milliseconds.

  • Review / The sunglasses have a revolutionary structure that makes it easy to adjust the shading by sliding your finger along the temples, just like on a smartphone. A solar battery is built into the nose piece to successfully realise various ideas.
  • Booth No. / A7-10

IC-Berlin Japan K.K.

  • Brand / ic! berlin
  • Product / FLEXARBON FLX_01
  • Feature / Combining IC! Berlin's structural technology with a patented new carbon front that incorporates aerospace technology, a next-generation of metal eyewear is born!  With adjustable nose pads, temples and tilt angles.

  • Review / Carbon is normally difficult to work with and incorporate into design, but this product successfully incorporates the company's established sheet metal image into the design to further enhance its identity. This integration of design and technology was highly commended.

What is Japan Eyewear Award?

Japan Eyewear Award is one of the industry's foremost awards given to the best designed / technological new products to be marketed in Japan or any other country after July 1st, 2023. The judging and screening will be conducted by Japan Eyewear Award committee. Grand Prix will be announced at the Award Ceremony on the first day of the show.

We have closed accepting entries for "27th Japan Eyewear Award 2024".

Entry Detail


■ New model(s) to be marketed in Japan or any other country after July 1st, 2023.  
 *Only finished product glasses are accepted.

■ You can register up to 10 products.

Entry Categories

■ Design Category - 5 Award-winning products (including 1 Grand Prix)
Products with excellent design, that considers not only the beauty and innovative modeling, but also functionality and comfortableness.

■ Technology Category - 5 Award-winning products (including 1 Grand Prix)
Products excelled in technology -- new materials, new structure and advanced manufacturing processes.

Entry Fee

FREE for exhibitors, JPY 10,000 / product *excluding 10% tax

How to apply

Please apply via the Entry Form below.
*Exhibitors at IOFT2023 can apply via the Exhibitors Website.


2023 Aug. 23(Wed) -  Entry Sheet & Product arrival deadline to Japan Eyewear Award Show Management Office
Early September     -  Award winners announced
Oct. 10 (Tue)            -  Award Ceremony (Grand Prix winners to be announced) at Special Gallery inside iOFT 2023

We have closed accepting entries for "27th Japan Eyewear Award 2024".

Japan Eyewear Award Committee Members

Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa

Product Designer
Osaka University of Arts professor

After graduated from Chiba University, Faculty of Engineering, he joined Sony Corporation, assigned Design Center and U.S. Design Center, and designed Walkman, Radio, and TV, etc. 

In 1991, established sumikawadesign, the independent design office. His design of table tennis's court table used at 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympic game was admired around the world and his designed playground equipment has won iF DESIGN AWARD 2017. His design has won Red Dot Design Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and many other awards as well.

He has been practicing design beyond stereotypes by making full use of the experience of wondering 57 countries around the world as a backpacker. As Engineering-based designer, highly skills of geometry by taking full advantage of 3D CAD and Printer, excellent at curved surface design with ergonomic comfort.  From state-of-the-art equipment to traditional craft, he designs actively and continuously in a wide range of fields.

Ms. Hitomi Sago

Graphic Designer

After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, she worked in  the advertising creative department at Parco before establishing Hitomi Sago Design Office in 1988.
Although grounded in graphic design, her works cover a wide spectrum ranging from spatial design to product design. Many of her projects involve the revitalization of local industries.
Major awards received include the Silver Award from the New York ADC, the JAGDA New Designer Award, the Japan Package Design Award Special Prize, and the Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize at the All Japan Calendar Competition. She also played the roll of judge of Good Design Award from 2003 to 2013, instructor of Fukui Design Academy, director of JAGDA. Visiting professor at Osaka College of Arts.

Mr. Issei Mori


While involves working on TV drama, film, CM, and for various celebrities as a specialist of eyewear fitting, also working actively as a photographer in magazines & SNS media field.

Ms. Mirei Ito

Eyewear Journalist

In 2006, she became independent as a free-lance writer, after working for a publishing company. She covers exhibitions or manufacturers both within and outside Japan, and also has interviews with eyewear designers. She submits her writing for eyewear magazines and web media.

Winning Privileges

Various Privileges for the Award Winner!

Winners are entitled to the use of Award-winner logo.

Winners are granted a right to use the Japan Eyewear Award Official Logo.
Utilize them to promote your product widely to the industry and public.

Winners will be awarded at Ceremony at Special Gallery in iOFT.

The ceremony will enthusiastically announce award winners, including Grand Prix winners, with the attendance of the Award Committee members,  Award-winners, press and industry professionals.

Winning products will be displayed at Special Gallery.

Award-Winning Products will be displayed for all 3 days.
In the special gallery, there is a photo spot for official iOFT ambassadors.
Ambassadors can also try on the products on the spot, and they can help spread the word about the award-winning products on social networks.

Winners are highlighted in iOFT materials.

Company name and product name of the award winner will be listed on the floor map.
In addition, iOFT exhibitors who win the awards will be marked with an winner icon on the official floor plan. It will lead visitors to their booths.

Winners will be introduced in leading Japanese media.

Winners will be introduced in leading Japanese TV shows, magazines, newspapers and websites to promote their products at retail shops.

Examples of media coverage from iOFT2022

Mode Optique (Magazine)
2022 December, Vol.54


October 19, 2022

We have closed accepting entries for "27th Japan Eyewear Award 2024".

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The latest information about Japan Eyewear Award will be announced at this official website.
If you have any inquiries please contact:

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 E-mail: [email protected]