Winning Products of

26th Japan Eyewear Award 2023

Overall Review

The categories have changed significantly from this year. As a trend in the world, there is no strict distinction between genders. Based on the results of the Design Category's screening, I got the impression that the number of styles that suit to both men and women has increased considerably. This trend is expected to become even stronger. In addition, in the Technology Category, there are many challenges with new materials and new mechanisms, and it seems that there are great expectations for the future.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )

 Design Category

Maruman Optical Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / TITANOS  Factory900
  • Product / MF001
  • Feature / A new collaboration frame realized by a chemistry of TITANOS metal frame and Factory900 acetate frame.  The three-dimensional modeling of Factory 900 is incorporated into Maruman's metal technology and designed to create this new frame.
  • Review / The design is very meaningful in a sense that the collaboration emphasizes the strong points of the 2 brands.   While there are various techniques and ways to make titanium molding attractive, its design is very well balanced -- modeling is not too excessive and it is also elegant at the same time.

tonysame japan Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / tonysame:
  • Product / TS-106-021
  • Feature / A ”Sir Mont” style eyewear composed of metallic parts, mixing a solid impression and a classical look.  Its original and functional "New Wave Hinge" makes it comfortable wearing them.
  • Review / Wearing glasses can give an intelligent impression and it is one of the attractive points of eyeglasses.  This design will satisfy such needs.  It is also a very well-balanced design that can be recommended to any wearer.

kanazawa gankyo Co.

  • Brand / Haku
  • Product / Haku12-S
  • Feature / The 12-sided polygon, which is usually said to be impossible to bent into, has been realized by our skilled craftsmen.  In addition, high-performance titanium, recommended by the material company, is used for each part, realizing a strong but thin and narrow frame.
  • Review / The delicate, dodecagonal rim that looks like a circle from a distance is beautiful.  The effective use of titanium makes it extremely light and comfortable to wear.  The unpadded bridge also keeps the design simple, and the genderless and ageless design matches the trend.


  • Brand / Mixage
  • Product / MX5027 Col.1
  • Feature / By using a bright blue to purple gradation fabric, you can expect a makeup effect that brightens up your skin tone.  Of course, this product is MADE IN SABAE; it is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Review / This design is suitable for the current trend, when people want to dress up again and wear stylish items.  At a first glance, it has a very strong impression, but when you try them on, they blend well and give a healthy look to any wearer.


  • Brand / BOZ
  • Product / NINETTE⁻9040
  • Feature / The combination of metal and acetate brings softness and character to this model thanks to its luminous and feline colours.  A delicate work with asymmetrical collages.
  • Review / The gorgeous shape of the brow line, woven with two types of materials, creates a soft impression.  The sheerness of the asymmetrically collage of clear fabric also creates an exquisite sense of color and effortless style when worn, and the balance is perfect.

Technology Category


  • Product / MF3D-101
  • Feature / The innovative manufacturing technology using 3D printer is a completely new concept of eyewear that combines digital technology and craftsmanship to create designs with intricate three-dimensional structures unlike anything created before.
  • Review / 3D printer manufacturing technology is advancing year by year.  I feel strong possibilities in the future of frame molding by this innovative 3D structural design.  Also, the mysterious elasticity is very attractive as a material.


  • Brand / monblue
  • Product / MO-034  GPM-1
  • Feature / A brand new Ichiyama model mechanism.  Solving the Ichiyama "front frame tilting" issue by applying a 2-bridge structure.  This integrated structure using the rim as a bridge is a novel design.  Flexible adjustments are possible by changing the angle of the nose pads and commercially available Ichiyama pads.
  • Review / I am impressed by the ambition of challenging the obstacle of the Ichiyama Model.  This is a new structure that enables flexible adjustment by attaching a bridge to the rear, and it maintains a clean appearance while improving functionality and comfort.  Although it is simple, you can see the high level of technology.


  • Brand / design88
  • Product / -3106
  • Feature /The design concept is Aging Over Time.  Aging processing is applied to the front color after color coating,  Damages created over time give taste and evolves together with the wearer.
  • Review / I feel the desire to move forward by applying new ideas instead of relying too much on new materials.  I felt that such challenges would further expand Sabae's future possibilities.

Attract Ltd.

  • Brand / ATTRACT
  • Product / APC 1419 BKD
  • Feature / The three-dimensional form and color contrast of the acetate front are vivid. The rim is patterned, and the soft β-titanium arm is printed with a high-grade inkjet pattern, a special technology that prevents perspiration from permeating.
  • Review / The contrast between the two types of acetate separated by a patterned rim is beautiful.  It also creates various expressions depending on the angle when worn.  It will be a good example of using inkjet to create a luxurious design.


  • Brand / Jkids
  • Product / GR-25 For treat amblyopia kids only frame
  • Feature / A joint product creation with MiruMiru Project.  A 42 square 16 (FPD58) size that pursues SDGs "(4) Quality education for all" in the treatment of amblyopia and strabismus, and emphasizes equal learning opportunities during elementary school.  The rim design fits convex lens thickness, which accounts for the majority of amblyopia treatments.
  • Review / The vision of "leaving no one behind" is clearly expressed.  Concrete ideas such as durability and variability meeting the needs of children with different personalities and growth stages.  The manufacturer's ingenuity to extend product life is also good from a sustainability point of view.