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DICTION, a company which founded in 1995,focus on the designer development and growth. It is committed to providing comprehensive and professional trend research; provides fashion, art, and design courses; and AI data analysis services for the fashion industry. Nowadays, DICTION has developed into an international internet fashion industry ecological platform.

 We deliver cutting-edge global fashion and lifestyle news and track startup fashion business to inspire the customer experience of fashion industry.  

Tokyo Online
Tokyo Online is a new media focusing on the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Japan. The main contents include: global hotspots, breaking news, current affairs reviews, Tokyo shopping, Tokyo real estate consulting, medical beauty and health information, sports events, industry trends, service information and Japanese life.

The Chinese information platform was established in 2016, focusing on content construction. In order to better spread the Chinese spirit and culture, the society at home and abroad pay more attention to Chinese and serve Chinese. At the same time, it spreads Chinese culture to the whole world and enhances the cohesiveness of the nation. Mission: To convey positive energy, spread the Chinese spirit of Japanese and Chinese, and build a harmonious network communication platform.

Apparel news
Since its establishment in 1992, Apparel News has been active in and out of the fashion  
and the retail industry. As a leading media company covering the fashion industry, Apparel News has provided practical knowledge as well as future-oriented information.
-Unique contents coming from domain experts.
-No.1 multi-media service in the industry.
-Bridge for the future-oriented information.

Fashion Insight
A company that helps fashion people and fashion companies grow and succeed.
Marking its 23th anniversary this year, Fashion Insight is recognized as the most reliable medium for fashion people and fashion companies, sharing growth with Korean fashion companies.
We are building a network with fashion industry workers under a mission to encourage fashion companies and fashionistas to dream beautiful dreams, make up their minds, and make their way.
Through Fashion Insight, we also conduct seminars, forums, exhibitions, and publications to enable the fashion industry to exchange high-quality content and information and open new business opportunities.

FashionPost is professional media corporation of Fashion & Lifestyle that proposes
new paradigm.
We deliver industry news quickly and accurately, also deliver true contents that is
actually helpful to the industry.

Fashion-Review, first issued in March 1990, is a magazine dedicated to textiles, apparel, and distribution.
The magazine contributes to the development of the fashion industry by promoting the government’s textile and apparel policies and providing the latest domestic and international textile and apparel trends to the industry.

FASHIONBIZ is On & Offline fashion business B2B2C media magazine and media of Korea, established in 1987.

The Korea Fashion & Textile News
The Korea Fashion & Textile News(KTN) was established in 1981 and is the leading fashion and textile industry media in Korea. It is recognized as an effective advertising media with 50,000 subscribers.

Based on the experience accumulated over the past 25 years, TIN News provides readers with overall news and information on the domestic and foreign textile, Fashion industries, and publishes them online and offline based on the experience and know-how.

About art and fashion, it is undeniable that the roots are inseparable from the interpretation and understandings of “aesthetics.” By accumulating all the aesthetics’ cultural contents, it shapes the style of the works, also determines the height and depth of the industry. With the mission of linking and integrating all the different fields in the art fashion industry, the “Taiwan Arts and Fashion Association” was established. Through a unified platform that incorporates a broad spectrum of creativity and technology, the Association will be able to inspire, educate, and fully create our gifted generation to become exceptional artists.

ZHEJIANG OPTOMETRIC & OPTICAL ASSOCIATION was established on 18 November, 2003. There are more than 1,300 registered members. It is composed of optical accessories, eyewear manufacturing, electroplating, lens production, wholesale and retail. It is the Organizer of annual CHINA OPTICAL INDUSTRY & TRADE SUMMIT and China Wenzhou International Optics Fair. The association’s magazine, CHINA OPTICAL MANUFACTURING - aimed at systematically promoting Chinese Eyewear industry to the world and providing the professional consultation platform to global buyers for comprehensive understanding of China optical production areas and suppliers.

[dito&ditto] is Conference & Community Media for digital innovation in the fashion industry.
[dito&ditto]'s vision is to enrich fashion companies by optimizing their organizations and processes through digital innovation.

Since 2016, Eyebook is the essential tool to keep be posted about the independent brands that lead the trends worldwide: a top quality level magazine sent to a network of 20.000 independent opticians in 34 countries in all Europe. Visit our website and subscribe our Newsletter to stay tuned.

Green & Beyond
Green & Beyond Mag is a digital magazine that promotes sustainable lifestyle and climate optimism through storytelling. The platform features stories of individuals, communities and entities from around the globe that promote climate optimism and highlight ways to live a more comfortable, conscious, stylish, and sustainable lifestyle.

Textile South Asia
Textile South Asia delivers daily news, updates, analysis, case studies, and industry scoops related to the Textile industry of South Asia.

Times International
Overview of Times International: A Leading Magazine and Website in the Industry


Times International is a renowned publication and online platform that specializes in providing comprehensive coverage of the global industry. Through its various magazines, including International Textile Market, The Apparel Times, Technical Textiles Innovation, Dyes Chemicals and Colour Technology, and its e-news platform (, as well as its website (, Times International has established itself as a trusted source of information for professionals in the textile and fashion sectors. This brief overview aims to highlight the key features and offerings of Times International, emphasizing its market and business analysis capabilities.

International Textile Market:

International Textile Market, a prominent publication under Times International, focuses on the latest trends, developments, and market insights within the global textile industry. It covers a wide range of topics, including raw materials, manufacturing processes, emerging technologies, market forecasts, and international trade. The magazine serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals, offering in-depth analysis and expert opinions.

The Apparel Times:

The Apparel Times is another notable magazine offered by Times International. It specifically caters to the apparel and fashion sector, providing extensive coverage of fashion trends, design innovations, supply chain management, retail strategies, and consumer behavior. The magazine serves as a platform for industry leaders and designers to showcase their work, fostering collaboration and promoting industry growth.

Technical Textiles Innovation:

Times International's Technical Textiles Innovation magazine focuses on the advancements and applications of technical textiles across various industries. It explores the use of textiles in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and sports, highlighting cutting-edge technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes. The magazine serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay updated on the latest innovations and opportunities in the technical textiles field.

Dyes Chemicals and Colour Technology:

Dyes Chemicals and Colour Technology magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the dyeing and chemical processes used in the textile industry. It explores the latest trends, techniques, and sustainable practices related to dyeing, printing, finishing, and color management. The magazine provides insights into regulatory developments, environmental concerns, and emerging technologies in the field of textile chemistry.

Market and Business Analysis:

Times International's expertise in market and business analysis sets it apart from other publications in the textile industry. The magazine provides detailed market research reports, industry surveys, and strategic insights to help businesses make informed decisions. It covers aspects such as market size, growth potential, competitive landscape, investment opportunities, and emerging markets, empowering industry professionals with valuable knowledge for their business strategies.


Times International, through its magazines like International Textile Market, The Apparel Times, Technical Textiles Innovation, Dyes Chemicals and Colour Technology, its e-news platform (, and website (, has established itself as a leading publication in the textile industry. It offers comprehensive coverage of market trends, fashion insights, technical innovations, dyeing and chemical processes, and market and business analysis. With its wealth of information and industry expertise, Times International remains a trusted resource for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of textiles.

V.MAGAZINE (Vision in Life Magazine) is the only Chinese eyewear magazine in Hong Kong. Besides selling to consumer market, V.Magazine is distributed to over 5,000 selected optical shops in mainly Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Since year 2015, we published the Japanese Edition for the Japan market. Furthermore, V.MAGAZINE also connects with English-speaking reader worldwide through bilingual website, focusing on new eyewear design and trending topics.

Fashion Express
The Fashion Express website, published by the Taiwan Textile Federation, is currently the most authoritative B2B professional fashion publication in Traditional Chinese. It regularly provides information for the textile and fashion industry, including fashion trend predictions, fabric and apparel exhibition reports, brand and designer features, global market analysis, and consumer market lifestyle studies. If you are involved in roles such as design, procurement, marketing, and design research, this is a valuable database that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Business Management Review

Business Management Review is dedicated to helping businesses best serve their customers by leveraging the learning, insights, and capabilities of their peers, suppliers, and competitors.
Business Management Review provides comprehensive, high-quality, and informative business news, industry leaders’ perspective and actionable market research to help subscribers navigate their business in these changing markets, publishing reviews of methods, processes, and innovations occurring in related business, and empowering business leaders to challenge the status quo and radically transform their organizations to have a significant impact on the industry. (Source:

China Textile Magazine

China Textile is the only paper-print English textile magazine sponsored by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC). We boast authoritative and professional industry resources, and have the experience of cooperating with domestic and foreign textile exhibitions, organizers and local governments. Besides, we are the exclusive English cooperative media of ITMA in Mainland China, also signed cooperation agreements with industry media of many other countries in Europe and Asia. China Textile Magazine is committed to delivering people China's textile stories, enhancing communication around the world, and contributing to the building of a global textile community with a shared future for mankind.

20/20 Europe
20/20 Europe, the European fashion and optics magazine, with a global influence. Since 1989, 20/20 Europe has brought its international audience a curated mix of fashion features, trend analysis, retail comment and Lens & Technology news. Over the years, the magazine has grown its readership and is now proud to have a global reach that continues to expand rapidly through commitment and consistent attendance at the world’s leading optical trade fairs. Today, in a fast-paced and changing optical landscape, 20/20 Europe is constantly pushing into new creative territories – in print and online – to bring its readers fresh authoritative content with an unrivalled balance of fashion, business and lens & technology insights.