Special Invited Session

Presentation of Kenzo Takada, a designer and a founder of Brand "KENZO"

[Date]  Oct. 23 (Tue) 15:00-15:45

[Venue] inside Fashion World Tokyo Exhibition, Tokyo Big Sight

The world famous designer, Kenzo Takada will talk at Conference.
He is a founder of Brand, "KENZO" and it has been more than 50 years since the brand was found.
At Conference he will share his insight to young people who lead the next generation of fashion industry.

Speaker: Kenzo Takada, Designer


It was in 1976, that the very famous store Place des Victoires opened. In 1983 KENZO launched his first menswear collection. His unstructured style, both elegant and colorful received a warm welcome in France.

Kenzo Takada has been working on numerous ventures, creating and crafting for many iconic firms around the world.

Designing products in different segments of the industry, from clothing lines to interior decoration, his worldly recognized creativity, embraces the world with joy.

Moderator: Terumi Hagiwara, Fashion Director, Bemode Inc.


Fashion director.

Worked as a coordinator of Ginza Komatsu over a decade since its renewal in 1988, in charge of merchandising (leasing) and buying for every shop in the Ginza Komatsu building.

Became independent and started a career as a freelance fashion director in 2000.

She covers fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris seasonally, including the pret-a-porter shows and the Haute Couture shows,

and contributes articles and columns to fashion magazines (e.g. The Senken newspaper and Precious). She teaches as a lecturer at technical colleges and seminars,

holds fashion talk shows, and judges fashion competitions. Highly reputed for her proposals which infuse real clothes with elegance. She also engages in multi-brand boutiques from organizing, merchandising, to branding.