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[Date]  Oct. 2 (Wed) 14:30 - 15:15 

Designer Junko Koshino's Brief Personal History and Action Philosophy

Junko Koshino


Mikinori Kojima

Editor in Chief,

Tokyo’s fashion queen and world-renowned fashion designer, Junko Koshino finally coming to Fashion World Tokyo to give us a speech!
With the interviewer being Kojima, who is a chief editor of the magazine SO-EN and has been watching over Junko throughout her career, They will talk about her life as a designer, her philosophy, and the future of the fashion industry for this special occasion.

[Date]  Oct. 2 (Wed) 10:00 - 11:25

Yoshiaki Kitamura 

Member of the Board of Directors SVP, 
General Headquarters of Sales

Adastria Co., Ltd.

Track Records of and Prospects for Adastria's Overseas Operations

Adastoria's foreign operations started out with the opening of the first LOWRYS FARM in Taiwan in 2003. What’s the reason behind Adastoria's continuous challenges against the rapidly changing Asian market? We will speak about the past trial and error experience as well as our prospects.

Masayoshi Komine 

Executive Vice-President,
Baycrew's Co.,Ltd.

Multilateral Growth Strategy by Baycrew's

Beyond the fashion, Baycrew's keeps expanding to various fields such as food service, furniture/interior design, and fitness. We will talk about Baycrew's vision for the future.

[Date]  Oct. 2 (Wed) 12:30 - 13:30

Kazuyasu Tanaka  

Senior Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager, Business Unit Ⅰ

President, Designs & Co.

Challenge of Brand Label Development Being Undertaken by UNITED ARROWS; Merging of Retail Focus and Brand Focus by Using Blamink As a Case Study

People have been overwhelmed with the amount of items around, and items in general have had a hard time being sold. This has been the consensus for a while now. On the other hand, a lot of consumers are having trouble finding what they want to buy. Why is this? Although the short-term sales is important, we shouldn’t fall behind on working on the fundamental innovation. From the actual cases in UNITED ARROWS, We will introduce challenges towards the brand business with the retail shop point of view.

Tatsuya Kubota 


ZOZO Technologies, Inc.

Possibility of "WEAR" in China

In the ever-growing Chinese fashion market that continuously pursues new changes, how can Japanese companies increase the market share? We will talk about the possibility of improving visibility of brands through their fashion coordinate app “WEAR,” which is different from the conventional apps that focus on brands and merchandise.